Sunday, October 26, 2014

Gilligan's Island

No lights. No heat. No computer.. Food spoiling in the fridge. Yikes.
This is my first official post typed on my phone.
We have been without power for over 11 hours now.
There are over 60,000 customers without power here.
All my plans to craft and post my cards today were blown away like all the fallen trees here.
Crews have not gotten to us yet so they can't give us an ETA for when we will get power back.
Part of the torture is looking out our front window and seeing our neighbors in their warm well lit houses.
Yup just 100 feet away lives civilization. lol
We have a little island of 61 dark houses among those lucky households.
So as you probably have guessed that is where my title came from.
Okay time to crawl under some warm blankets and get some shut eye.
Maybe I'll wake to a big surprise.
Fingers, toes and eyes crossed for luck.

UPDATE.... Still no power. 22 hours and counting.  No crews in sight. And they say they do not know the cause at this time....  Having to go out to my car to warm up and charge the phones. 

UPDATE!!! our power came back on Sunday night.
Sadly we had to throw out all the food in our fridge and freezer. 



  1. OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!! STILL no power? YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope that they get it back on for you soon. If you want to, you can come over to my place and use my toys and power. :):):)

    Crafty Hugs,


  2. Hope your powers on by now. I know that is not fun. Sending positive thoughts.


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