Sunday, December 18, 2016

A Holiday Hello

Hi crafty friends.
I can't believe it is December 18th already. Yikes.
I hope you are spending lots of time with family and friends.

I have been focusing on getting healthier AND it is working.
So far I have LOST 25 pounds.
Believe it or not it is mostly due to Pokemon Go.
Yes you heard that right. LOL
Pokemon Go is a game you can download on your phone and play for free.
It encourages you to go out and catch little Poke creatures.
You can hatch eggs by walking 2 km, 5 km or 10 km.
That is my favorite part. I love to see what comes out.
It is like opening a fun little present.
My husband and go walking before work everyday 
and I do more walking after work before it gets dark.
Then a lot of times after dinner we walk the mall near us.
Yup that's a lot of walking but the results are lost weight 
and I'm feeling much better.
So my after work crafting time has been replaced for now with exercise time.

And as many of you know my job changed up a bit this year.
I'm doing a new reading program with my small support groups.
These wonderful people come up with new and improved programs 
for us to use but think nothing of the time it takes to prepare for them.
I've been putting a ton of time and work on preparing 
what is needed for working with my students. 
In the end it is SOOOO worth it but time consuming just the same.

I used to craft during my lunch and other breaks 
but now I just relax or go out for a walk.

Wow are you still with me?
Sorry about all that I have just been 
feeling REALLY guilty about not crafting or blogging.
Something just had to give.
My students need me to be at my best.
AND my health needed to take a front seat.

Have a wonderful holiday season.
Spend lots of time with those you love and take care of yourself.