Saturday, June 7, 2014

Hello Bloggy Friends and Welcome! {Plus a request}

Hello my sweet crafty friends.
I am always excited when I look over and see I have a new follower or two.
I see that my Google numbers are up to 131
and my Bloglovin numbers are at 31.
And that doesn't even include the ones who follow by email.

I appreciate all of you so very much.

Whether you come by each post or on occasion I appreciate each visit.
I LOVE when you leave me comments so please keep them coming.
I read and enjoy each and every comment.

Thanks so much for taking the time to leave them.

I originally set my comments section to moderate due to spammers.
You know the ones that add a questionable link...
Believe it or not I still get them. Ugh. lol.
But I soon found it was helping me 
so that I wouldn't miss any sweet comments.

I am working on some crafty creations 
and will be back later to share.

Thursday was field day at school.
I was outside all day taking pictures and
supervising kiddos while they enjoyed the fun games.
I got a little too much sun and was too exhausted 
to finish the crafts/posts I had planned for that day.

Friday was filled with assorted doctor appointments.
Happily all is well except ironically I have a severe vitamin D deficiency. lol.
The doctor put me on a 50,000 unit prescription.
In our region where Mr. Sun usually 
hides behind the clouds I'm told this happens a lot.

A special note and request.

I also wanted to apologize if you are not getting your email posts.
I signed up to get email alerts for my blog 
so I could see how long it takes for them to go through.
I started noticing some would be days sometimes weeks 
late and now they are not coming at all. UGH!
If you are signed up to get my blog by email I would appreciate 
a quick comment to let me know if you are getting them or not.
I am not sure if this is a Blogger issue or an AOL issue.

My main way of following you is by email and have noticed 
I am not getting a lot of your email alerts either
 so I am slowly changing my email over to gmail.

Wow I didn't expect to go on and on
but I had more to say than I thought. lol.
Thanks for bearing with me.

May your day always be filled with love.
Crafty hugs,

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  1. I still get yours by email. There are a couple of blogs I don't get by email anymore, Jo's Scrap Shack is one of them. I tried signing up again but it just tells me I'm already signed up.


Thank you for visiting today. I really appreciate and LOVE your sweet, supportive comments!
Sorry I had to enabled comment moderation due to spammers.
Crafty hugs,