Sunday, February 2, 2014

Confessions of a Football Widow.....

My family was never into sports.
I've been married almost 34 years and was never a football widow.
Then we sent our daughter off to college.
She came back to us a football fiend {lol}.
First it was all about college football.
She is a UO Duck.
Then as some of those team members graduated to the pros so did she.
My darling husband not only followed along for the ride
watching football with her whenever she had it on
BUT now watches it when she isn't even home. lol.

At first I thought oh no here is goes.
But then a wonderfully delicious idea came to mind.
Don't fight it...
While they are all engrossed in football I can be crafting. tee hee hee.

Now whenever he makes a comment about
me being online, blogging, crafting, etc.
 I just remind him that this is my football. lol.
I'll be back later with some crafty fun to share.
I'm also working on stuff for the blog hop
I'm taking part in this coming Saturday.
It will be my first as a contributor
and I am both excited and nervous.
I want my part to go well.
Have a Super{bowl} Sunday!
Valentine Blog Hop Feb. 8th


  1. I love this post and I will that line on my other half as well...

    Have a wonderful day my friend,
    *Crafting With Creative M*

  2. In this house, hubby's "football" is golf, so I craft. Works for me.

  3. I had to laugh at this D because I was the only girl in the house with 7 guys-my hubby and our 6 boys. And football always won out. Yes, take advantage and get crafty, the perfect time to do just that! Have fun!!!


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