Thursday, November 7, 2013

I'll be back...

Sorry I haven't posted in a few.
My cold came back so I have been coming home from work and sleeping instead of crafting.

Yesterday my daughter invited me to go to a movie and of course the answer was YES!

Tonight we are going out to dinner so we can see her college football team play.
Wish they would broadcast them on regular TV (we do not have cable) so I could watch and craft.
Don't get me wrong I have taken crafting to the pizza restaurant before and probably will again tonight. lol.

Any whoo like a lot of you there isn't always enough time in the day so I apologize.

I hope to have a craft to post tonight after work and dinner if I don't get it done this am.

Thanks for sticking with me during these dry spells.
I appreciate it a lot!

Crafty hugs,


  1. Enjoy your meal out and take care of yourself too!

  2. Have a great night out. Feel better soon.


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