Tuesday, October 1, 2013

What to do when the lights go out...

Did that get your attention? lol.
We lost power for 2 hours tonight so of course there went my crafting time.
I've discovered that neither candle light nor flashlight are worth much as a good source of crafting light...
Sooooo long story short I didn't get my card finished for today.
Hopefully tomorrow will go better.
It is kind of funny that for the last 3 days we had pouring rain and wind we were told were remnants from a typhoon.
This afternoon the storms cleared and the sun peaked out for a tiny bit.
What was the cause of our power outage you might ask?
A tree came down and took out the power lines. lol.
No wind. No rain. Go figure.
Have a wonderful night.
Crafty hugs,


  1. Crafter's worst nightmare - no lights :-( Have a great day today :-)

  2. Makes for a very long evening.

  3. Thanks to my two most loyal followers!
    It is so nice to have bloggie besties like you.
    I appreciate your sweet words so much.
    Crafty hugs,


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